[UPDATE] Day 2: operation get-rid-o-rash



Hey beauties, I promised I was going to update all my process of this new mask I’m experimenting with.

DAY 2:

Today I felt the same burning sensation I felt yesterday, I have to admit I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary visually. Today I realized that the areas I have rashes seemed to take longer for the mixture to dry, comparing to the areas that are rash-free.

Well that is all for my observations, obviously I won’t be seeing any results from one day to the other but we will take it step by step

until tomorrow lovelies

with my heart on my sleeve,

Diana A.B.

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DIY Through Life: Face Problem —> Possible Solution



Hello fellow bloggies, today I will introduce/state an issue I’ve been having with my face (like most people…Humans do)


Today I will state the fact that my face is not reacting well with all this changes in the climate, and besides I have to admit that I am not very organized with facial hygiene and it can lead to clogged pores! So please follow a routine of washing your face with a cleanser and whatever you do… DON’T SLEEP WITH MAKE UP ON!!!!


I’ve always experienced these sort of rashes whenever the world seems to change from hot to cold or cold to hot! (Climate/season changes) The older you grow, the bigger they get. So do yourself a favor and take care of your skin as soon as you can.

Possible Solution:

I did some research for a couple of weeks and I found that Oatmeal soothes the…

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DIY Sunday: Bar soaps!

Hey transporters, today I will introduce a new category because I just came up with it about two days ago, thanks to cleaning out my drawer. Ok here is the where the story began.



Here I am organizing my drawers when I come across bar soaps, who really uses those. I personally don’t believe and never will believe in bar soaps they are just not my type. So I went only to check out some DIYs on how to get rid of them.

I love this coconut lime verbena soap but guess what



 I went and looked for a recipe on how to make it into liquid hand soap! Yes I know I am a genius. I will post the link i use just for credit purpose but please read what I used.



> Cheese/cinnamon grater <

> A hotel size bar soap <

(doesn’t matter really what size of soap you use)

> Measuring equipment such as 1 cup, 1/2 cup <

(You will need 1/2 cup’s worth of soap flakes) 

> Glycerin <

(Soap needs to have a semi-gel concistency)

> Water <

(5 cups of water to be exact)

> Pan and container <

( To place the soap flakes and cook the soap) 

> Container for your new soap <

(Make it original and cute)


Steps to a better technology of soap

~Now that you’ve gathered all the materials please get ready to sneeze… start grating the soap. I personally grated and placed the soap in the container so later to measure it was 1/2 cup of flakes.

~After the suffrage of sneezing and you have the 1/2 cup of flakes you can rest and take it to the stove. Turn on the stove to a medium-high level and go ahead and add the 5 cups of water into the pan. (avoid cats)


~ Wait for the water to warm a bit and dump the flakes into the water. Now here is where the glycerin comes in, add 1/2 a tablespoon of of glycerin into the mixture.

~ Mix Mix Mix until the flakes have dissolved completely and move away from the heat and wait till it cools off.

~ Lastly pour it into a desired container and you are done with it, it’s ready to be used.


Sorry guys I didn’t take pictures, it honestly slipped my mind but i’ll be owing you that. Trust me it works. Let me know what your outcome is I wanna see people doing this.

Well that is all for today transporters, thanks for reading and don’t forget to try this at home. Finally I will leave you with this EPIC/SEXY GIF.


Bye from your friend,

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.52.08 PM


Love at first sight and Eye candy!

Hello my transporters, I have abandoned you for a while now. Past is in the past, January is about to end like in two days and we must go on. Well I have been hooked on two things this past days…weeks…month. Before we start I should start by saying about the book I finished reading.

Deadly Little Secrets by Laurie Faria Stolarz


Not much to say just three simple phases I went with it!

Phase 1: Attraction and hooked

Phase 2: Waiting and Waiting

Phase 3: Dragged but later picked up

Since there is more to this book a.k.a it is a series, I will so much read the next book but probably in another 3-4 months. Thanks to the last 15 chapters I feel like I need to take a break.

Now to my current read!

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight By: Jennifer E. Smith


I have to say I am very much enjoying this, to be honest I haven’t had much time to read and I am currently on chapter 3. I will give you a pre-review when I get to the middle of the book!

NOW for what we were all waiting for!!




click on this folder to watch the current episode!

OK can I say CREEPY!

ok first The photo

Eye candy1

Then the bracelet

eye candy2


Ok not to mention the small details that simply caught our eyes

-Surprise party


-The traitor

The traitor

-The reliable friend solving a mystery

the reliable friend


Well that was all for today, if you haven’t seen Eye candy again click on this folder and it will redirect you to it!



Thanks for reading guys and stay lovely!

It’s Friday: Books and Boys

Hey darlings, It’s Friday it’s boy day!  here is a post of the books I bought, gave or received! and boys.

I am a book lover I know book lovers so this christmas season I gifted

“The Young Elites” by Marie Lu


a fellow blogger friend of mine wanted this book and I decided to be generous and bought it for her!

Now let us enjoy a GIF of Zayn Malik biting his lip 😉


I received several books and they are

1. Deadly Little Secrets By: Laurie Faria Stolarz (Current read)


2. Lunch in Paris By: Elizabeth Bard


3. I’d Know you anywhere By: Laura Lippman


4. The Statistical probability of love at first sight By: Jennifer E. Smith 



Ok now let’s enjoy this GIF of Calum Hood being Calum


Well that was all for today! If you’ve read any of the following books… Don’t spoil me I beg of you!

One last thing, go ahead and head on to my new blog called FlawlesslyLovely.wordpress.com

just click the link above.

I will see you guys later bye mate!

Diana A. B.


Winter Time, Holiday Time, Book Tag

Hello my penguins, today I will be doing a tag, tis the season to gift others with knowledge and joy. I will get started but before I do I want to tag


and another thing, I don’t know if I can do this but I want to theme this tag and the theme will be (Pretty Little Liars) I just wanted to add a twist of my own. Shall we get started?


The Pretty Little Liars Series.

Yes I know I know it is quite embarrassing that I call myself a PLL fan but the only reason I haven’t read them is because I don’t want to mix up the Sarah’s and Marlene’s genius minds. So as soon as the series ends I will read them I PROMISE. (The series is said to end by then end of season 7)



The Choice

Hmm let me think… oh “The Choice” by Nicholas Sparks, If you’ve read that book you would probably think I’m a mosaicist but stories like that make me want to smile at the whole world. I would probably cry but you would never see me though.



Dimitri Belikov

Ahhh I didn’t think anyone would ask me this, but I would love to build a snowman with Dimitri Belikov, from “Vampire Academy” He is so… better than words haha, anyways I would love to build a snowman with Dimitri Belikov then later go out for some coffee or tea… hell I would even drink water.



First Frost

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 9.27.14 AM

OMG whenever I read the summary I was intreagued,I really really want to read this book and it doesn’t come out till January 2015. So as soon as it gets out I’m gonna read it.



Ok shall we start with the list?!

I do admit that this list is influenced by the movie adaptations. Don’t judge me.

1. Dimitri Belikov (Vampire Academy)

2. Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments)

3. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

4. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

5. Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

6. Jesse Zeklos (Vampire Academy)

7. Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments)

8. Valentine Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments)

9. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

10. Dimitri Belikov

11. Dimitri Belikov

12. Dimitri Belikov


I had to much fun with this question and I’m making this list my bucket list.



I am not willing to risk it, I am simply going to ask for gift cards. Gift cards are my best alias. It’s the type of plastic that keeps both sides happy the giver and the receiver. So if you all want to get me something you know what I want and if you don’t… don’t worry



To be honest I would probably have a book in front of me but I’d be too amazed and distracted to ever read the book, so I’d put the book down and stare into the white winter wonderland. And wait till ‘A’ pulls a move.



City of Ashes.

I have wanted to read that book in forever and I never have the chance to. So I would definitely and ironically read City of Ashes and pray to the lord that book doesn’t turn into Ashes. You get it?! Fire, City of Ashes? No? ok.



 “The Best of Me” Hands down

As soon as I heard there were going to make “The Best of Me” I cried a thousand rivers of joy obviously and I just simply was super excited about it. I really was. And it was a good thing because I had just finish reading the book.



City of Ashes!

I swear to you I will, I promise! I mean I did started reading it but I simply left if 😦 that made me so sad. Sometimes people make bad decisions and in the end we are just simply Human.



– The Best of Me By: Nicholas Sparks

– City of Bones By: Cassandra Clare

– Vampire Academy By: Richelle Mead

– At First sight By: Nicholas Sparks

– True Believer By: Nicholas Sparks




All I want to say is good luck and have fun. 🙂

Well guys that was all for today! be sure to comment below and remember Fly on and Dream Big Dreams.


With Love,

Diana A. B.

Beauty Tips: Christmas Glam

Hello my fellow transporters, today we are moving into beauty, everyone wants to look dashing for christmas and New Year. Today I will give you a head to toe look specially for Christmas/New Years. Let’s get started.Tis the season to impress. Let’s hope and pray for snow this year (calm, controlled non-disasterous snow) !


Let’s start with the most important part

{-Skin Care-}

There are two main routines that you should get into a habit if you aren’t, but if you are good for you! You are amazing!

1. Healthy Diet: This is super important, you can’t simply eat junk and have perfect skin. Here is a link so  you can learn what to eat to help your skin look dashing. (click on the picture below)


2. Proper cleansing: This is a very important habit, if you don’t remove your make up or even wash your face at the end of the day you can get imperfections caused by dirt and pollution.



I will show you a hair style that I found proper for this season. Here it is!

Elsa hair

The reason why I picked this hair is obviously because it reminded me of Elsa’s famous braid.  This is a simple rope braid that gives a laid back, messy look. Have fun creating it and let me know how it goes.



I am all in for lip color, lately I have found myself loving lip color and this season gives me the vibe of Dark colors for example:


I love love love dark lipstick like the one in this picture. This look can be completed by adding a simple cat eyeliner, mascara, and dark brown eyeshadow. Blow kisses 😉



We all love snow and snowflakes and how pure and shinny they are, why not incorporate some glare into your outfit this one is super cute:


I know I know it will be chilly but you sometimes need to sacrifice a bit to impress, or you can simply throw a blazer or coat. and don’t forget to


well my transporters I hope you enjoyed this post, please do let me know what you achieve. I would love to see pictures or comments about this! Please Please.

I will see you guys tomorrow and remember… Fly on and Dream Big.


With Love,

Diana A. B.