*Welcome Post* City of bones so Far…

Hi guys welcome to my blog, I will be delighted if you could follow it as well. As you read on my Featured picture, I am currently reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and I am LOVING IT!!!! I feel it in my bones that I am going to get overly obsessed with this series, and by overly obsessed I mean good!

Let me tell you how I am feeling so far about the book!

First the characters that are within the chapters 1-7



Why the HECK can’t you see that Simon LOVES YOU! Ughh! HE IS SOOO PERFECT! and Stop jumping  on portals.



Please don’t, the bit of cuteness you had was shadowed by the cockiness you reek , I am 100% sure that there are much cuter guys than you.



Forget Jace, Simon … well he is just, perfect!


Uncle Ben

and you sir don’t have It! Seriously you went so low, who doesn’t help their Niece. SHAME ON YOU



Oh no Mrs.Fray, who doesn’t tell her daughter the truth about EVERYTHING that endangers her geeeshh!



I mean duh you are a demon and all demons should be hated!!!!!

well that is all for the characters, despite I am hating some characters or loving them… It might change through the process but so far… I LOVE IT!!



Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.52.08 PM


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