Review: Wither by Lauren DeStefano | The Chemical Garden #1

Hey transporters, it is finally time. I am about to give  you my FIRST review and it is my honor to review Wither by Lauren DeStefano.


This book is the first of The Chemical Garden. Let me tell you about how I got this book, I was walking down the aisles of Barnes & Nobles and I saw a shinning light upon a book cover. As soon as I saw it I had a good feeling about it, so right then and there I bought Wither and Fever.

If you’ve read my Review Policy, you know that you don’t have to worry about me spoiling ANYTHING, so you are safe!

Ok let me start by saying that this book is apparently disliked by many people, I don’t judge them because we all have different opinions. I have to Say I LOVED this book! I took a long time to review this because I barely created this blog!

I give this book 5 Penguins out of 5!

5 out of 5

Wither falls in the Dystopian genre and I know a fellow Book Lion that loves this genre,her name is Jessie and her blog is well Enough chattering let me get started with my review.



> This book was well planned and the characters were well developed into the story, My favorite character in this book would be Gabriel. He is fun, serious, loving and most of all he protects what is his, and well.


> I read this book easily I had no problem figuring out what was going on, and to me that is very important. As soon as I finished ‘Wither’ I started ‘Fever’


> It kept my eyes sticked to the paper and I felt what the characters were feeling.

> I felt Rhine’s anger and anxiety when she was at the mansion, And Cecily was a bit too perky and ok with all that was happening around here.


> I absolutely fell in love with the moment Rhine and Gabriel fell for each other. I have to admit that kept me frustrated because they couldn’t be together.


 I know that this book probably won’t be a movie which is a bummer because I really really love love love it, and Lauren DeStefano you have a Fan here! Keep doing what you are doing.

Next up on my reviews is obviously going to be ‘Fever’

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I will see you guys Later



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