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Hello my Transported Penguins, yes it is normal that you are overwhelmed. I’ve given you new categories but that’s ok I know you can handle it!

in ‘Frenzy Friday’ I will go into Goodreads and search for 9 or more books that according to the summary I found interesting and or appealing. So let’s get started!

1. Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Ok this book has a very strange summary to a point that I almost couldn’t understand it but don’t worry I did! This book is also a series so this book is 1 out of various.

The summary starts with the narrator of the book, “95 days and I’ll be safe” meaning that she is going to go through a procedure that cures her forever. What is it that she wants to get rid of? Love, she is afraid of being hit by delirium, and death by Love. She doesn’t want to live how other people lived in the old times, with love as a weakness.

2. Clarity by Kim Harrington

Clarity by Kim Harrington

This book’s summary was very straight to the point and It hooked me to the story plot! This book is also a series and it is 1 out of various.

This Murder mystery book is about a teenager named Claire, she can see stuff that no other can. Stolen kisses and unburied secrets is  just a touch away. when a girl was found murdered she was asked for help. The problem is he is Claire’s ex-boyfirend that cheated on her but what can she do when her brother was is a suspect.

3. Evernight By Claudia Gray

EverNight by Claudia Gray

This book’s summary reminded me so much of Vampire Academy, and if you know me I love all things that involve darkness. This book is also a Series in which it’s book 1 out of various.

Bianca was removed from her small town and was enrolled in a gothic boarding school. The house of Perfection, Snobs and Smart people. She doesn’t fit in but later meets Lucas another that does’t fit in. They were torn apart but their love is undeniable.

4. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies by Scot Westerfeld

This book has a very interesting summary, who would’ve thought that ugly and pretty were a choice and a privilege. This book is a series and this is book 1 out of several.

Turning 16-years-old means beauty for girls in Tally’s world by bringing an operation that turns them for ugly to pretty. Later catapults them into a high-tech paradise and their only job is to have a good time. Tally’s great friend is debating weather she wants to be pretty so she escapes. Tally was being proposed that if she turned doesn’t turn her in she will never be Pretty and stay UGLY.

5. AngelFall by Susan Ee

AngelFall by Susan Ee

This book’s summary really got me interested, who would’ve thought that Angels would have an apocalypse. Zombies, Vampires and demons yes but Angels. This book is 1 out of various.

An Angel Apocalypse is present when Angels were demolishing the modern world. No one is safe by day or by night, when one day Peryn’s  sister was taken away and she will do whatever it takes to get her back. Raffe, a wingless warrior is rescued by Peryn and they go on a journey wanting different things. Peryn to rescue her sister and Raffe to become whole again.

6. Of Beast and Beauty

Of beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay

I live for Fairytale retellings and this one gave me a good spine as soon as I read the summary. This is a contemporary book.

With a blind queen that has been raised to be a sacrifice and a beast that was captured and called a thief. Isra and the beast don’t dream of them being the balance between each other’s people. When Isra comes to love the beast but she has to make a choice, since her sight is back she has to chose whether to stay with the beast or to rule her city.

7. Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce

Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce

This book is yet another retelling and that is why I found appealing and was attracted to it. Cold spell is the 4th retelling of a series.

A tale of two children, Kai and Ginny  a friendship that grew up into love, one night Kai disappears with a stranger called Mora. Mora is a beautiful girl with a dark past and a hear of ice, Ginny travels into a world of monsters of thieves to find Kai. If both survive will they still love each other or change completely.

8. Finding Sky by Joss Stirling

Finding Sky by JOss Stirling

Having to chose whether you get to keep one’s heart or loosing it is a story I want to know more about. This book is 1 out of various.

English girl Sky falls for American boy Zed, she can’t get him out of her head and he talks to her with his thought. They practically can read each other’s minds but Sky needs to face the dark even if it means losing her heart .

8. Tandem by Anna Jarzab

Tanem by Anna Jarzab

Parallel worlds? count me in, this storyline is beyond interesting. This book is a series and it is book one of various.

Sasha loved her grandfather’s stories about parallel worlds but she never believed them true. One day she was forced it traveling into one of her alternate versions, she needs to fit in and if she can fool everyone she can go back to her normal life, if she doesn’t  is forced to stay with her current life. But she is stuck in between her two lives with 2 men that love her and only one knows her secret.

9. Sisters Red By Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red By Jackson Pearce

yes another retelling but don’t worry this book is #1 to the Fairytale Retelling.

Two sisters, one goal. when Rosie’s eye was taken away by a wolf, Scarlett Rosie’s sister feels she needs to kill all wolves to protect the other young girls. Rosie owes her life to Scarlett so she fights along her side. Rosie Later dreams a life beyond hunting, then later she meets Silas a woodsman who is dangerous. She fears that loving him would be betraying her sister Scarlett.

That was all for Frenzy Friday, before I forget to announce Fridays will be alternating categories one begin ‘Frenzy Friday’ and ‘Fairytale Friday’ and also this saturday I won’t have a So far… Saturday due to the busy schedule I haven’t read 😦

Well I will see you guys on Monday!


with love and devotion,

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