Synonym to the other |Power, Body, & Mind

Hello to all my transported penguins!


and today you’ll learn to enjoy the books you love and see other synonyms 🙂 Let’s get started!!!

Today I will be talking about ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ series and ‘Lucy’ the new movie coming soon to theaters! What?! you haven’t heard about ‘Lucy’ Here is the Trailer!

Ok now that you know what I’m talking about! Let’s start

*NOTE* This post can have major spoilers for ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ but not for ‘Lucy’ because the movie hasn’t come out yet! (July 25, 2014)


Lucy: She woke up one morning and learned that she was transplanted a sort of liquid in her lower abdomen, Later she was beaten that lead to the liquid to leak and gave her powers!

lucy asd


The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder had birth given powers but was injected so she wouldn’t use them, later at age 16 she regained her power.



Lucy: Due to the leak of the liquid she has the ability to change her body form!

Lucy Per

The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder is able to change her body Form due to the power she was inherited!



Lucy: She has the capacity of using her brain even more than an average human being, so she is smarter, and can do things to people also she can (Move, see, change) things and people like no average human can.

Lucy gif 2

Lucy gif gif

The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder has a Portscreen in her mind that makes her know everything there is and she has the power to glamour people (make them do what she wants them to do).

The Overall

Lucy looks for help with a college professor that researches the mind because she wants to know why she has all those powers. A group of people wants to stop her so she won’t reach the potential to use 100% of her brain. Lucy is way to smart and powerful to be stopped!

Lucy power

In the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder (The true Lunar Queen) Looks for help with a scientist at a laboratory, to find out what is going on with her. Later she wants to Overthrow the Queen so she has to face earthen people. Cinder is way too powerful to be stopped!

well guys if you’ve read The Lunar Chronicles you will most definitely enjoy ‘Lucy’ That is all for today I will see you guys tomorrow!



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