10 things you would/could/should gift a Book Indulger.

Hello my fellow transporters, today I will teach you something that you will thank me for… or simply say “I knew that” but for those who don’t, today I will tell you 10 things that you can gift this holidays to a reader.

Let’s say you are in a gift exchange and you got a book lover. “What shall I gift him/her” or “What BOOK should I gift them.” For us bookies there is more to us than books. Here are 10 things you can gift a book indulger.

10. A book *The obvious one would be the last choice*

You can simply ask him/her what does he/she enjoy (e.g. what Author, genre etc.) and if it’s a secret santa kinda thing… you can ask someone else to ask them!


9. A book mark *Something we all love and cherish*

Every reader uses them and they never get left behind. Here are some choices.

> There is the simple one (With prints or words) click the picture if you want more variety

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.11.35 AM

> The Metal hook (these are cute and fanceeeyy!) again click on the picture to see varieties.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.13.47 AM

> Then there is these “The Beaded book thongs” 

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.15.42 AM

8. Coffee/Tea mugs (we love love these)

Bookies pair two things together, books and tea/coffee, in order to look good doing it we need… Mugs. 

Here is a collage of wonderful, amazing fantabulous mugs you can’t go wrong with. 

1. Tea&Books

2. Please don’t annoy the writer

3. A Book lover never goes to bed alone

4.I like big books and i cannot lie

(click on the following links if you like any of the choices I gave)

7. E-Readers (for those who enjoy e-books)

Gifting an e-reader is such an amazing thing, any type would suffice reading e-books in an iPad or a kindle is all the same. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.40.13 AM

click on the picture to see more varieties.

6. GIFT CARDS *not your usual ones*


We love books, books books books. Why not let us pick our own? We will love you forever. 

but there is a prerequisite for this one! 

Paperbacks, softbacks, Hardcovers you might think it’s all the same price… well think again.

I would tell you prices but they all vary.

One thing I can tell you is… Don’t give a book lover a $5 dollar Barnes&Nobles gift card, please don’t. If you are going to gift a B&N minimum would be $15 dollars.


The rest is your choice 😉

5. Money (we are humans, we do also love MONEY) 


4. A bundle of 2 to 3 things I mentioned above


3. Writer’s guide (to write our own book) 

well I don’t know about you all but I want to become a “New York Times best selling Author” and if your fellow bookie does also… ask around to see what guide is more effective. 


2. A Publishing contract with a major publishing company! 

Well that is if she/he already has a book to be published 😀


1. Autographed copy of their favorite book (he/she will love you for ever and ever)n

If you want to go all out please do refer to this option and I guarantee you will be loved forever. 

these you can find at B&N and or simply go where there is a book sining and get it signed. 

Good luck with that and…


Well I hope I helped and you have an idea on what to gift a booklover. Good Luck

and remember… Fly On and Dream Big.


with love,

Diana A. B.


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