Beauty Tips: Christmas Glam

Hello my fellow transporters, today we are moving into beauty, everyone wants to look dashing for christmas and New Year. Today I will give you a head to toe look specially for Christmas/New Years. Let’s get started.Tis the season to impress. Let’s hope and pray for snow this year (calm, controlled non-disasterous snow) !


Let’s start with the most important part

{-Skin Care-}

There are two main routines that you should get into a habit if you aren’t, but if you are good for you! You are amazing!

1. Healthy Diet: This is super important, you can’t simply eat junk and have perfect skin. Here is a link so  you can learn what to eat to help your skin look dashing. (click on the picture below)


2. Proper cleansing: This is a very important habit, if you don’t remove your make up or even wash your face at the end of the day you can get imperfections caused by dirt and pollution.



I will show you a hair style that I found proper for this season. Here it is!

Elsa hair

The reason why I picked this hair is obviously because it reminded me of Elsa’s famous braid.  This is a simple rope braid that gives a laid back, messy look. Have fun creating it and let me know how it goes.



I am all in for lip color, lately I have found myself loving lip color and this season gives me the vibe of Dark colors for example:


I love love love dark lipstick like the one in this picture. This look can be completed by adding a simple cat eyeliner, mascara, and dark brown eyeshadow. Blow kisses 😉


We all love snow and snowflakes and how pure and shinny they are, why not incorporate some glare into your outfit this one is super cute:


I know I know it will be chilly but you sometimes need to sacrifice a bit to impress, or you can simply throw a blazer or coat. and don’t forget to


well my transporters I hope you enjoyed this post, please do let me know what you achieve. I would love to see pictures or comments about this! Please Please.

I will see you guys tomorrow and remember… Fly on and Dream Big.


With Love,

Diana A. B.


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