DIY Sunday: Bar soaps!

Hey transporters, today I will introduce a new category because I just came up with it about two days ago, thanks to cleaning out my drawer. Ok here is the where the story began.



Here I am organizing my drawers when I come across bar soaps, who really uses those. I personally don’t believe and never will believe in bar soaps they are just not my type. So I went only to check out some DIYs on how to get rid of them.

I love this coconut lime verbena soap but guess what



 I went and looked for a recipe on how to make it into liquid hand soap! Yes I know I am a genius. I will post the link i use just for credit purpose but please read what I used.



> Cheese/cinnamon grater <

> A hotel size bar soap <

(doesn’t matter really what size of soap you use)

> Measuring equipment such as 1 cup, 1/2 cup <

(You will need 1/2 cup’s worth of soap flakes) 

> Glycerin <

(Soap needs to have a semi-gel concistency)

> Water <

(5 cups of water to be exact)

> Pan and container <

( To place the soap flakes and cook the soap) 

> Container for your new soap <

(Make it original and cute)


Steps to a better technology of soap

~Now that you’ve gathered all the materials please get ready to sneeze… start grating the soap. I personally grated and placed the soap in the container so later to measure it was 1/2 cup of flakes.

~After the suffrage of sneezing and you have the 1/2 cup of flakes you can rest and take it to the stove. Turn on the stove to a medium-high level and go ahead and add the 5 cups of water into the pan. (avoid cats)


~ Wait for the water to warm a bit and dump the flakes into the water. Now here is where the glycerin comes in, add 1/2 a tablespoon of of glycerin into the mixture.

~ Mix Mix Mix until the flakes have dissolved completely and move away from the heat and wait till it cools off.

~ Lastly pour it into a desired container and you are done with it, it’s ready to be used.


Sorry guys I didn’t take pictures, it honestly slipped my mind but i’ll be owing you that. Trust me it works. Let me know what your outcome is I wanna see people doing this.

Well that is all for today transporters, thanks for reading and don’t forget to try this at home. Finally I will leave you with this EPIC/SEXY GIF.


Bye from your friend,

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.52.08 PM



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