My Policies

cover reveal

If you are reading this you are probably interested in me, thank you and I would delighted to participate in a Cover reveal, but like all things I have a policy. Please read the following and contact me if you have any questions:

1. ABSOLUTELY no ROMANCE novels: An example will be below this.


REASON: I want to keep this blog appropriate for all ages and I don’t want to expose my blog readers covers like these.

That is all for my Cover Reveal Policy!

Review Policy

Again everything has a policy and now that you know my Cover Reveal policy you will technically know it!

1. I absolutely read/review no Romance Novels!


2. I like to take my time on reading, specially if it’s a good book. So I would say I take a little more that a month to read (About 5 weeks)


3. I don’t like giving away major spoilers, tiny details yes but I like to keep the people that haven’t read it safe.


4. Honesty is the best policy. If I read a book and I dislike it I will let you all know, but I am not rude about it. So you should know that I won’t make you feel bad!


Here are the Genres I Review:

* Contemporary

* Action

* Fantasy

* Mystery

* Dystopia

* Adventure

* Science Fiction

* Retellings

Genres that I don’t review:

*Romance (Nicholas Sparks isn’t Romance)



well that is all for my policy Also I would like to tell you guys I am interested on Interviews, ARCs, Book review requests, Cover reveals and book tours. If you have any questions and/or want to invite me to anything please contact me at Thank you!


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